How Many Tweets Does Google Have Index?

Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is visually varied than in years past. In addition to organic search results that show the website name and metadata, searches can also return images, shopping suggestions, paid ads, videos, featured snippets, local citations, Knowledge graphs, Newsbox, Related questions, Reviews, and tweets. 

On February 5th, 2015, Google and Twitter announced a renewed partnership enabling Google to access Twitter data (commonly referred to as “access to the Twitter Firehose” – to Google) to bring more real-time data into the search giant, providing a flawless and more convenient experience for the user.

Our Tweet Indexation Rate Tool queries Google and returns the percentage of your tweets that Google has indexed, the Moz Page Authority of your Twitter profile, and the number of other websites linking to your Twitter profile. 

Try our Tweet Indexation Rate Tool to know how many of your Tweets Google Has Indexed, the Page Authority of your Twitter Profile, and the inbound links to your Twitter profile. 

Let Your Tweets Appear in Google Search Google allows you to display tweets of your Twitter profile on their Google search results page. It gives an excellent opportunity to those still unfamiliar with your brand or company. Also, you can get new Twitter followers through this and ask people to support your Twitter profile.
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