How to promote your blog

how to promote blog

Despite having great content and a decent amount of audience, you are still curious about how to promote your blog?
Our infographic will help you to promote your blog on social media platforms and improve your online business image identity. We have divided the infographic into sections so that you can know how to promote your blog in detail.

How to promote your blog

1. Basic Strategy

Be unique and original

The audience loves original and unique content, don’t try to be fake or pretend which you are not. This way, you can help your audience to believe in you and understand why they should buy from you.

Choose your tone

Before expressing your thoughts into words, select a writing tone for your content. Understand, how you want to communicate with your audience, you can use a different tone to share your blog, it could be friendly, formally, serious, humorous, etc.

Be informative

Write your content from which readers can extract some meaningful facts. You need to make some helpful content for your audience.

2. Make it searchable

Keyword research

Awesome content is not sufficient alone. Identify the keywords using online keyword suggestion tools like Google AdWords, KWfinder relevant to your content to get placed at a good rank in the search engine like Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Perform various SEO activities such as on-page optimization, link building, keyword optimization to get a good reputation over the search engine and make your blog visible to people who enter the keyword associated with your product or services.

3. Build a relationship

A real relationship

Don’t just focus on developing a network. Try to build a real relationship with the audience, this will help you to acquire more links an better results for the long term.

A loyal relationship

Encourage those communities more, who really want to read your blog. Post according to their desires, make them feel special, build a loyal and long-lasting relationship. This way you will get the right audience for your blog and recognizable success.

Post to engage not spam

There is a fine line between engaging and spamming. Post on social media in a fix duration to keep the visitors engaged, not to spam. Let the visitors wait for your post themselves, too often posting can irritate them, and they will not show interest in your blog at all.

4. Target the right audience

Know your audience

Identify the need and demand of the community of your readers, find the right group of audiences is a must because it can help you to create better content, will promote you, and keep coming to your website and give you more success. You can find your niche through a different social platform like Quora, Facebook groups, Pinterest. Create the personas to describe your target audience.

Create that content which your audience needs.

Do not write content that your readers find irrelevant. Before creating the content first ask them what would they like to read? Do a little survey about what they want, this way you will be able to create more relevant content and drive more attention.

5. Boost your blog with social media

Share in multiple platforms

You have put a lot of effort, created great content, and added engaging images. It should be shared on social media too. Post it as many places as possible. Take the help of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to share it with more people.

Share/Tweet within an interval

Tweet or share the same content multiple times to increase your traffic. Because all your followers won’t see your post at a time.

Try to get more personal with email

Share your blog with your email contacts. Email provides you more closeness with your followers than sharing a public post on social media. Notify people whenever you create a new blog according to the topic and their interest, also add an action-driving message.

Syndicate your blog

Reach to the broader audience by sharing your content on other sites by the third party. It will not only increase your brand awareness but also provide you backlinks and drive more traffic.

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