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Burgeon delivers the best web design services in New York, Nationally, and in Europe

Your website is not just about creating a beautiful design, it also needs useful content that will give information about your organization and services offered to your visitors. Websites are a representation of your business and play a vital role in its growth. Impressive website design can make or break you as a competitor. On average, a visitor decides within 3 seconds whether they explore more or leave your site. Therefore, a well-designed website can no longer be a vanity billboard, it’s a critical tool in turning visitors into the customers, by making a purchase, asking questions, or signing up on your mailing list.

We live by a guiding principle, “Smart Tech | Fast Results” while offering quality service at competitive and affordable prices.

We are a team of expert website designers, passionate about delivering stunning website designs. Our achievements are a result of our client’s successes, as we deliver inspiring depictions of business leaders and products to their future customers.

UX/UI Journey

A key UX feature in our website design services journey requires the development of a clear navigational plan so visitors can easily find interesting information and quickly click to the destination, then get back to previously viewed pages, if desired.

Your website must also have a clear layout or your visitor will never explore further after landing on your website. To increase the usability and entice a potential customer, our web design services create websites that are strikingly fresh and relevant to your line of business with immersive images and captivating content.

Under the hood, ensure your website design company delivers efficient functionality for desktops, mobile, and tablets. Pages must load fast, fully indexed, contain no broken links and most importantly, reduce bounce rates and improve conversions.


Website Compatibility

Web compatibility is the feature of a website whereby they run accurately over every browser. As a default feature, we do not restrict websites to only work over a single browser. For the convenience of every user, we build a website compatible with each browser.

Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies are two powerful weapons to compete among the best web design companies. We build websites by using the latest tools and technologies such as eCommerce, CakePHP, WordPress, Git, AWS, Cloudflare, BrowserStack, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insight.

Mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is in high demand with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, over 60% of traffic comes from the mobile, and the rest from the other source. It means you are pushing away many visitors from your website if your website is not mobile responsive. At burgeon global solutions, we develop a website for different devices and different platforms. Our developers are experts in developing the website for every device like a desktop, mobile, tablet and compatible with every platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux) so that no one should be deprived of reaching your website and can access it from any device.

Campaign Landing Page

A campaign landing page is the SEO technique for increasing the conversion rate. A link is provided over a Google Ads, on email, or/and various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so that visitors can land to this page directly by clicking over the link. A campaign landing page is distinct from other web pages. The web pages may have various goals and expectations from the visitors while landing page mainly focuses on conversion and created for the call to action. That's why we develop a unique landing page with clarity in text and image, attractive design, and hard to skip to lower down the bounce rate

Company Branding

The name of your company, logo, website, tagline, and color theme defines your brand. Brand identifies your product and services which you are offering to your customers and makes you different from others, and the most important thing is to build trust. People will never buy anything from you if they don't find you trustworthy. Therefore, the first thing your brand should have quality and reliability over which people can trust you and prefer you always as a first choice. We follow these ethics of building trust among our clients and give them a qualitative website. Our team of strategists and thinkers ensures to make your brand and make your voice loud and clear.

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